Judo in Downtown,Midtown and Surrounding Areas in Houston

Is training in Brazilian Jiu jitsu have you comfortable on the ground but not standing? Come to our Judo class!

Are you only pulling guard in tournaments? Come to our Judo class!

Do you have what it takes to get the sweep? Come to our Judo class!

If you are ready to take your grappling game to the next level then it is time to join our Judo Club at Midtown MMA Houston!

Olympian Silver Medalist Sensei Ernesto Perez as a guest instructor showing amazing technique! 

At Midtown MMA Houston, we offer Judo classes taught by World Class Judo Blackbelts! 

Luis Perez, Ramzi Deek, Pedro Castilla, Julio Montilla

Keeping tradition is important to our Judo program at Midtown MMA Houston

Our Judo warm ups will keep you moving in ways that champions train!

There are hundreds of variations of throwing or sweeping techniques. Some sweeps or throws use legs, some use arms, some a combination of arms, legs and torso. Many if not all techniques involve using hips, shoulders, and grips for leverage. 

The judo techniques taught at our dojo are a strong advantage to have if you are a serious competitor, wanting self defense, mixed martial arts, Brazilian Jiujitsu fighter or just in it to learn. 

We are more than your average MMA school, we keep tradition and each art separate. Our love for the art of Judoka and passion for competition keeps our team strong!

Kano Jigoro

Judo breaks down into ju (gentle) and do (way or path) or “the gentle way”.

Judo was developed in 1882 by Jigoro Kano, with the opening of the prestigious Kododan Academy in Japan. It was designed as a sport, adapting and modifying the throws, ground control, and joint locks from Japanese Jujitsu, but leaving out the striking techniques in order to make it safe for all practitioners. In 1964 Judo became an Olympic Event, and it is currently the second largest sport in the world, in number of practitioners, the number one sport being soccer.


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